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Growing muscles

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Weight Loss

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Prepare for your competitions with a professional coach to have a perfect body in every detail.

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Book your Body Building Classes with a pro coach!

Book your Body Building Classes with a pro coach!

I am Feri Andrasoni. I am athlete and coach of fitness and bodybuilding with more of 30 years experience in this area.. I am here to coach you , amateurs or proffesional. I can lead you through the process of loosing weight and strength musscles at any level. More than this, I have the knowledge to prepare you for fitness and bodybuilding competitions if your dream is to walk on the stage as menphisique, bodybuilder, bikini, wellness or bodyfitness competitor. I am Master Coaching in fitness i am able to guide you as training and diet plan at any level. I just need to know your goal, your dream . Just to gain your trust : I am still active competitor myself - 2012 silver European Champion , 2012 Balkanic gold , multiple National Bodybuilding Champion. I set up a form for you. Put all your details inside and I will contact you personally to discuss about your dreams and the way to achive the best version of yourself.

Feri Andrasoni
Feri Andrasoni
Soulders training
Build Perfect body with a master coach!
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Build Perfect body with a master coach!

Women's training requires in-depth knowledge of metabolism and physical exercises to achieve the perfect body. whether you are a beginner or a confirmed bodybuilder, it is also one of my specialty

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Nucului nr 27, Arad, Romania
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Mobile: 00 40 (746) 119 507


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Monday - Thusday: 9 AM - 8 PM
Friday - Saturday: 10 AM - 9 PM
Sunday: 10 AM – 4 PM